ty note

As much as technology has changed the way people correspond, the handwritten thank you note has managed to stick around. Sallie Jones, co-owner of Scriptura, says that the purpose of the note is to express gratitude for some act of thoughtfulness. "Take the time to share with someone by writing your thoughts down on paper. It not only brightens the recipient's day to but it make the letter writer feel grounded to their family, friends and community, which is something to value in our very busy lives. Expressing ourselves and communicating with others in a polite way is one of the foundations of society."

While it's certainly not rocket science, writing a thank you note can sometimes seem like a gargantuan chore. Whether you're thanking someone for a gift, an experience, or a gesture, Jones advises to be heartfelt and concise in your letter and that sending something is always better than nothing. From when to put them in the mail to the type of stationery you should employ, Jones breaks down the art of the thank you note below.