Axil Rose. Photo: Courtesy of Fait Nola

If you live in New Orleans, you've probably seen Axil Rose driving around. (No, that is not a misspelling of Slash's counterpart). Axil Rose is an old laundry truck turned mobile greenhouse that sells and educates New Orleanians on exotic plants a.k.a. the kind you can’t find at Home Depot.

It’s operated by FAIT Nola, a local plant design studio that was founded by sisters Laura and Emily Joffrion, with their mother Kathleen Robinson. The women joined forces last summer, fueled by the desire to create something new and different in New Orleans.

Backed by Kathleen’s extensive horticulture experience, the trio’s goal is to find the best plant for you. The shopping experience starts with a series of questions: How often can you water it? How much light does your house get? What is your lifestyle like? “We’re very thorough about the care and maintenance each plant will require,” Laura told Adore

Laura handles the business side of things (she holds degrees in both marketing and merchandise marketing) while Emily handles communications, including Instagram which details the truck's current location. Deciding where to park is based on partnerships with local businesses, many of which find the studio via social media. FAIT also hosts workshops on anything from making a floral headpiece to terrarium building

FAIT's plants range from tropical to desert to air and are sourced from places like Florida, California, and Oregon. Popular offerings include the Instagram-able Monstera (“monster of a plant” as Laura calls it) and Ornata Calathea (“It looks like someone took a sharpie to the leaves. They’re perfect.”) They even started Plant Hospital, a bi-weekly opportunity to bring plants to Kathleen for a diagnosis, resoil, and care tips. “A girl brought her corn plant in,” Laura recalls. “It was a tall, gangly thing, and I come out from the back and my mom is sawing it in half.”

When asked about the "plant boom" in recent years, Laura says the reason is simple. "Humans have a natural desire to be in nature. We're lucky in New Orleans to be surrounded by it, but for people in cities like San Francisco and New York, you have to go to a park to experience it."

While the moving solarium is out of commission for the season (the temperatures are too hot for the plants), you can find FAIT in the Lower Garden District at The Good Shop, which is home to 5 other local vendors. “It’s nice to have a permanent, non-moving space,” Laura said.

Holding court in the back of the shop, the brand now has more room for flora and accessories, making it easier to bring nature into your home. You can rest easy knowing that when you shop with FAIT Nola, you're not only leaving with a new plant, but with the tools and support to be a successful plant owner.