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Family traditions, religious holidays, and the sharing of meals and treats are what make December the most magical month of the year. Everything just feels all the more festive and it's easy to embrace the spirit of the season. Gathering around a table set with sparkling silver, heirloom china, and decorations —both old and new — sets the stage for the memories that will be passed down through the generations.

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Whether at a glamorous dinner party or an affair dedicated to the child in all of us, 'tis the season for sparkle and razzle dazzle.

Hanukkah, the festival of lights that commemorates the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, includes eight days and nights of kindling candles, exchanging small gifts, and feasting on traditional sweets. The evenings are perfect for small dinner parties. This table, set with a sophisticated mix of metallics accented with the beautiful blue palette that is often found in Jewish prayer shawls, celebrates the season.

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Overhead lighting on a dimmer and menorah, tapers, and tealights set at various heights, bring elevated elegance and drama. By mixing antiques with contemporary pieces and lacquered elements with handmade artisanal touches, this holiday table literally glows.

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The key to keeping it soft and warm is to layer in cream porcelain and linens, hints of amber glass, organic shapes and textures, and lots of gleaming candlelight. The hand-painted goblets, crackled Annieglass platter, ruffled Royal Crown Derby salad plates, and wispy silver candle rings do just that. Pomegranates symbolize love and fertility and pop up on wine cups and salt and pepper shakers; dreidels, marked with Hebrew letters that signify that "a great miracle is happening here" become cherished family heirlooms.

As the menorah is lit at sundown and blessings are said among family members, charming old fashioned games like dreidel bridge all ages and make the night all the more meaningful.

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This article appeared in the November 2019 Issue of Adore Magazine.