Adore's new series will follow the typical morning routine of a New Orleans mover and shaker. 

Valerie Gernhauser, in her own words, is a recovering attorney turned event designer. Long story short, she moved to New Orleans to attend Tulane Law School, met her husband David (a New Orleans native), and stayed in the city post-graduation. "We got married during the wake of the 2008 banking crisis with few job opportunities available in that environment," she explained.


The two started their own firm, with David taking the lead and building a client base through friends and family connections. Valerie veered in the wedding industry. "I had a lot of knowledge and opinions about the process having just planned my own," Valerie told Adore. "The plan was for me to join the law firm once we got a good book of business, but I fell in love with running my own business, and the creativity it afforded me, so I opened my own event planning firm in 2011, Sapphire Events."

Valerie branched out a sister company in 2015. Ruby and Pearl Events focuses on event management, while Sapphire Events only focuses on full service event planning. Besides being CEO of her two companies, Valerie is a mother to 4 young children (her daughters are 7, 5, and 2, and her son is 9 months old).

"I would say my typical morning routine looks like the below, and is characterized by a mix of taking care of my kids, taking care of my businesses, taking care of my house, and taking care of myself. Some days are better than others, but I find that boundaries and time blocking help tremendously with finding the balance I need to get through each day!"


5:45 a.m. Wake up, make bed. Sometimes I have my early riser asking for snuggles so I might stay in bed until 6 a.m. I always make my bed every morning even on weekends. It helps me to feel put together for the rest of my day, no matter how chaotic my schedule is. It's so nice to come home at the end of a long day to a made bed. I avoid scrolling on my phone in the mornings so I can stay focused on my kids, but occasionally if I have a busy day ahead of me I will check in on my calendar and the weather so I can determine my wardrobe for the day. Otherwise, no social media until the kids are out the door!

6:00 a.m. I turn on lights and get my two oldest daughters awake and dressed for school. They love to get the baby out of his crib, and our house rule is that they cannot go into his room until they are completely dressed. Once they are in their uniforms, we go down the hall to grab the baby. I change his diaper and clothes, then lastly we go into my third daughter's room and gently wake her up, and everyone heads downstairs by 6:30.

6:30 a.m. The girls are at the table eating their breakfast, and I give the baby his bottle while I pack his bottles for the day. My girls love hot lunch at school, so that helps the morning kitchen duties keep to a minimum. If I have extra time, I try to throw a load of clothes in the wash and wipe down surfaces in the kitchen. In our house it is imperative we stay on top of the laundry situation. I purposefully have a small washer so we can do laundry everyday and only have small loads to have to put away. I will also use this time to get dressed for the day, typically in gym clothes, and pack my work wear to go.

7:00 a.m. I usher the kids toward the door to get socks and shoes on. Then I manage three hairstyles in a mix of ponytails, headbands, and pigtails with and without bows (depending on the kid and the day).

7:15 a.m. My girls are out the door and in my husband's car to depart for school by 7:25.

7:30 a.m. I pack the baby in my car and take him to daycare nearby.

8:00-9:15 a.m. I head to the gym: Mondays and Wednesdays I lift weights at Elmwood Fitness Center; Tuesdays and Thursdays I love to ride with Jon Sloan at Romney Studios. Fridays are off days or if I am feeling energetic, I'll try a different class at Romney - either Megaformer or Pulse. There are so many options!

9:30 a.m. Quick shower, then head into my office at The Shop at the CAC. On my way in I will stop for iced Americanos for myself and my office. Drink Beauty is on my way in, and I love the pink pick me up of that beautiful space. So inspiring!

val flower

10:00 a.m. I time block my days so I can stay focused and maximize efficiency, so I will start with an hour of going through my inbox. I make quick decisions on email items: either important and urgent, important but not urgent, and not important. I get rid of all the non-important emails so that I can focus on the rest, and I will stop once the hour is up to check back in once more before the end of the day.

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This entire wedding is a living dream! 🙌🏼 Working with Jess and her family to make her dream wedding come true was an honor and a privilege. From an intimate ceremony at the @marignyoperahouse to the second line and reception at @neworleansmuseumofart where we set a record (perhaps) for 150’ long guest table in the back hall for her guests, before the most fun and amazing dance party ever with @jordankahnorchestra, this wedding is one for the books! We plan to happily over share pics from all the beautiful moments from this big day, expertly captures by our friend @lancenicoll, featured this week in the last print edition ever of @brides UK. For now, this lovely embrace by the couple at the beautiful altar by @bellabloomsfloral will do! #isaidyes #destinationwedding #bridesuk #brides #weddinginspiration #neworleanswedding #aislestyle

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11:00 a.m. After emails are settled I will take meetings until lunch. Wednesdays I have team meetings with my staff, going through all of the events on our calendar and planning progress. Other days of the week, I will be meeting with potential clients, taking calls with my vendors and creative partners to discuss logistics details and design plans, or going on site visits to measure spaces or meet with sales teams.

12:45-1:00 p.m. I'll head to lunch near my office. There are so many great places to walk to, but I most typically can be found at Auction House for a healthy quick bite. Around 1:30/2 p.m. I'm back at my office working on design projects for the rest of the afternoon.