Adore's new series will follow the typical morning routine of a New Orleans mover and shaker. 

Tracey Wiley is an open book. The New Orleans native loves to share her takes on dining, shopping, and beauty picks on her website and Instagram. She's worked in media, professional sports, and fitness, and is the blogging manager for Citizen Ed, a weekly education reader, which is fitting as Wiley is very passionate about public education and equal opportunities for New Orleans children. The working mother of two balances her many ventures with style and always seems to be up to date on the latest happenings in the city.


To see how she does it all—and without caffeine—read her routine below!

6:45 a.m. Let me start by saying I am NOT a morning person. Getting up at 6:45 is a struggle some days. I take five minutes to contemplate this adult thing, and another 10 minutes to meditate. The Oak app offers great guided meditation, which I need, because like many busy moms, my mind is constantly racing.

7 a.m. I hit the ground running. I get the kids up and ready for school, and my husband handles breakfast with the kids while I get myself together.

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7:45 a.m. I’m out the door no later than 7:45. If you know me well, you know I hate being late, and my kids go to schools in opposite directions, which is a blog entry in and of itself. C-R-A-Z-Y.


7:55 a.m. First kid drop off. My little girl insists I walk her to her class everyday. Which I have no problem doing since my son is now at an age where he no longer wants me to walk him in. We do our secret hand shake. (Yes, it’s a secret.) She gives me the sweetest hug ever before I send her off thinking I’m the coolest mom ever.

8:15 a.m. Second kid drop off. Like I stated before, my son no longer allows me to walk him into school, so I stand outside the gate like a stalker and watch him go inside.


8:40 a.m. I’m back home, unless of course I stop at Starbucks for a cup of sugary goodness. If I go straight home, I’ll make a hot cup of free, decaf Community Coffee to get the day going. I no longer drink caffeine because it triggers my anxiety. When I initially tried Community’s Keurig decaf pods, I was very happy.

9:00 a.m. I log on and start checking emails. Depending on the day, I will have a conference call or a meeting with a potential blogger. If nothing is scheduled, I’m online looking for parents, teachers, or community members to write about education. This takes up a good chunk of my day.


10:30 a.m. I allow myself a mental break. I do struggle with anxiety at times as many women do. I think it’s important that we all become proactive about our overall health and well being. We’ve got to take care of our bodies and minds! My job can be stressful at times: I’m totally engrossed in discussions and articles about education inequality and racial injustice. I know I’m making a difference, and this gives me clarity. What also helps, is my favorite room spray, Atmosphere ThreeSixty Sage + Palo Santo Spray. I take a few deep breaths and I’m back. It’s one of those scents that instantly makes me happy and gives me a great sense of calmness. I also take a few minutes to journal. I take out my Vision Book and start writing down my goals and daily affirmations. I love this book because it keeps my thoughts organized.

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10:45 a.m. I jump back online and continue my search for writers. I would be lying to y’all if I didn’t say I jumped on Instagram a few times to stalk my favorite accounts. I’m always checking out UAL, The Elizabeth Chronicles, or Monomin pages for cute affordable clothes. They are experts at updating their social media pages and are responsive in answering product questions, which adds to my shopping experience. These are definitely three of my favorite boutiques in New Orleans.

12 p.m. It’s time for lunch and a taped episode of The Young and the Restless. HAHA! Yes, I still watch Y&R. Don’t judge me.