Juggling work, family, and self-care isn't for the faint of heart. Maureen Stevens, an interior designer and stylist, says she's still mastering the art. Stevens splits her time between New Orleans and Austin, and is actively working on her 150-year-old Marigny home in between client projects (both residential and commercial) and other ventures. Her work and design advice has been featured across the web and in several publications, and she still has time to post outtakes on Instagram!


To see how Stevens gets it all done, read her morning routine below.

7:00 a.m. I miss the times when I can wake up at 9:30 a.m. and just take my time, but just last September, our little boy, Simon started kindergarten. Oh well, no more partying on weekdays (just kidding!). On a serious note, I love that he made us (me and my husband) have a more organized routine and what's more precious than walking your little boy in a classroom at the French Quarter?

7:10 a.m. Ok, yes, yes, I did push the snooze button—just one time today though. I am really awake, promise. Morning skin care routine is really just splashing water on my face, the colder the better! Both for waking me up and for slowing down the aging process, tightening the skin, and closing the pores (at least that's what Google said). The night before though, I did exfoliate with Dr. Dennis Gross Daily Peel and slathered on my favorite moisturizer, Cetaphil

7:15 a.m. Getting Simon ready⁠—I put his clothes on and my husband brushes his teeth and help him with his socks and shoes. It takes a village to get a 5-year-old ready (to all the mamas out there, you feel me, right?). Then, it's time to go to school. We are out by 7:45 a.m.


Maureen's son, Simon

8:10 a.m. Simon is in school by 8, if not earlier, so he can have breakfast. Also, hey we're in the French Quarter so a quick jaunt to our old stomping grounds on Royal St. to get a cafe latte (switching it up from my fave cafe au lait) at the local coffee shop. CC's is a must!

CC s morning coffee.jpg

8:20 a.m. Back home and admiring really the hard work of my husband as I open the gate. We have a classic pink and green 150-year-old home in the Marigny which we purchased a year ago. It's a work in progress and I have filled his schedule with chores, projects, and tasks. He's been sprucing up the paint and doing a damn good job at it!

Pink Door Green shutters.png

8:25 a.m. I'm not done with my coffee and although I have a million and one things on my mind, I try to carve out a time to meditate. I don't do it regularly enough but today, I must. It's been extra challenging lately and I have been traveling a lot on top of finishing projects, managing another business, thinking about new ventures, and making sure I am a mom and a wife first. Work-life balance and mindfulness, that's what I need and that's what I'll focus on today. I have no fancy subscription or track, I just go to YouTube and look for the most appropriate one. I'm not very good at this and 10 minutes is all I do, I tell myself quality is better than quantity at this point. Now, if only I can make meditating a habit.

8:40 a.m. Turning on my laptop, glanced at emails, which who am I kidding, I already glanced at at 2 a.m. this morning. I look at a few things that crowded my mind during my meditation (OMG, how do people do this quieting the mind thing?): the online listing of a Nola project we just started on, some much needed tweaks to the furniture plan for another client, and re-looking at the design board for a client I'll have a meeting with soon.

Design Work.jpg

A peek of Maureen's work

9:00 a.m. My super amazing assistant, Kathlyn comes in!! Woohoo, now I'm really going to get things done. After chatting a little bit on our agenda for the day, first on her list is taking pictures for my Instagram story⁠—today's theme is showing off some of the pumpkins we got from the St. Andrew's pumpkin patch, oh and my black cape (because it was cheap and goes with everything!). When I have time, I also chronicle the different things we've been tweaking in this home. See some of them here and here.


9:20 a.m. Ok, done with our mini photo shoot but before delving into real work. I need to check on the guest cottage and our loft, since we have some guests coming. Hence, the mighty Swiffer on that last image. The spaces are in the same property, but I made the cottage exude more of the New Orleans feel whereas the loft is minimalist Scandinavian. 

Pink on stairs.jpg
Marigny Loft.png

Maureen's Marigny Loft

Marigny Cottage.png

Maureen's Marigny Cottage

I had such a blast getting this together. When I started jotting things down, I din't realize how important those first few hours are. Now, time to work everyone!!!