Kathleen Currie started Smoke Perfume & Co. in 2013. The initial launch featured one fragrance combining vetiver, citrus, and jasmine. Today, her collection includes four perfumes, plus body oils and a glycerite. Her products are all natural, ethically sourced, unisex, and are stocked at stores across the nation and have even made their way to Paris and parts of Canada.

When she isn't in her Bywater studio, you can find her providing craniosacral therapy and leading breathwork sessions at Wellspring Wellness


Currie recognizes the important of rituals and begins her mornings thoughtfully. To see how she starts the day, read on for her morning routine:

My mornings are pretty important to me. I hate to wake up and have to rush out the door. I prefer to have a bit of leisure time in the AM before a busy day. As such, I try not to set an alarm if I don’t have to, and typically wake up anywhere between 7:30-8:30 a.m. 

First thing I do is drink a glass of hot lemon water (half a lemon squeezed in a pint glass filled with hot water). This wakes me up, wakes my body up, tastes great, and is great for everything from immunity to digestion. Since I’m in my kitchen, I fill my kettle and turn it on high, and prep a morning cup of tea and my daily infusion. Everyday, I make an herbal infusion to take to work with me. This is a quart jar filled with 4 tablespoons of herbs...steeped for 20 minutes or longer, covered, with just simmering water. Like a tea, but a stronger concentration and steeped for longer. I got into this habit in herb school years ago, and drinking this daily brew is a staple in my routine. The herbs are full of minerals and really help me so much from my skin to my stress, etc. My current fave combo is nettle, blue vervain, tulsi, and damiana.

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As the kettle heats up, I do some light stretching in my kitchen. Nothing crazy, just some side bends and forward folds—waking up the body. 


Kettle’s hot, so I pour the hot water over my herbs, cover, and then fill my mug for my morning sip. I recently gave up caffeine, but I still love the ritual of drinking a hot beverage first thing. My go-to is Four Sigmatic Golden milk. I really love to sip my mug and catch up online. I’ll sit on my couch and open my iPad. Sometimes I check emails or the news at this point. Lately, I’ve been using my mornings to catch up on my coursework for an online Gua Sha Course I’m taking. This is a style of face massage using stones to help sculpt and depuff the skin of the face. My brain is sharpest first thing, so reviewing my coursework right away helps me retain it. 

I give myself about 10-15 minutes of this, and then I hop in the shower to get ready for my day. Lately I’ve been taking cold showers. This is amazing for the lymphatic system and the nervous system! My morning shower routine is super quick—just wash and go, blow dry my hair, gua sha my own face if I have time and/or if I woke up puffy that day, get dressed. 

At this point my partner, Ben, is up (we have opposite morning schedules!), so we’ll have a few minutes to check in about our days ahead and plans for that evening when we are both free.


My work day begins around 10; I either have a breathwork or craniosacral client right at 10, in which case they come to my home studio. Or I try to be at my Bywater studio for Smoke Perfume around 10. If I’m heading to the Bywater, I pack up a lunch (leftovers from dinner, fruit, my daily infusion to take with me), and get out the door. I’m not that big on breakfast, usually just fruit or toast with almond butter if anything at all. 

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My days are different each day, but are usually a mix of client work and Smoke studio work. Either way, the two hours or so before I have to hustle and be “on” are super sacred to me. I decided a long time ago not to rush in the morning if I can help it. Once I’m out the door, the day gets unpredictable and insane, so having the time that’s just mine is so key for my creative brain. Thanks for following along!