Adore's new series will follow the typical morning routine of a New Orleans mover and shaker. 

This August, Jack Rose's lead Sommelier, Alexandra "Alex" Minton, was recognized as one of Wine Enthusiast's 2019 "40 Under 40." The list acknowledges young winemakers, beverage directors, and more who are changing the beverage industry. (Jack Rose was also recently voted as the top Hotel Restaurant by USA Today.) She was recognized for her "curatorial creativity with Jack Rose’s wine program," which falls in line with the restaurant's philosophy.

Minton brings more than 10 years of experience in fine dining and casual establishments to Jack Rose, making wine fun and unintimidating. She believes that good wine does not have to be expensive and loves to educate and introduce guests to small-production and natural wines.  With nontraditional work hours, Minton's morning starts a bit later than most, but still sets her up for a great day and evening of work. 

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To see how she gets her day going (hint: coffee, podcasts, and outdoor time!), see her routine below.

10:00 a.m. First of all, let's set the record straight. I am NOT a morning person, at least in the traditional sense. Being in the restaurant industry (and more specifically, working in a hotel that's open 24/7) means my day normally ends around 2:00 a.m., and therefore the time in which I am practicing my "morning" rituals is a time in which most of the world is thinking about where they're going to have lunch. Nonetheless...

10:00 a.m. "But first, coffee" is a trendy saying absolutely because of people like me. Every morning begins with the grinding of French Truck beans (I'm really loving their Summer Citroen Blend right now, but the Ethiopia Kossa Geshe is my perennial favorite), the heating of water, and a perfectly brewed Chemex of pour-over coffee. I love the ritual of pour-over. Sure, it requires a little more hands-on attention than pressing "start" on a Mr. Coffee, but in those moments of brewing, you are experiencing this incredible transformation of water and beans into something beautiful. As the first drops of liquid emerge, the most awakening smell fills the house. I love that moment. While the coffee is dripping, I'll check the mail (the actual mail), not because I have a legion of pen-pals or anything, but because there's this little frog named Kermit who lives in the mailbox and the bright green greeting I get when I open the mailbox brings a smile to my face every morning.

10:15 a.m. First cup of coffee. While sipping, I will, like every millennial, check my work email, personal email, and of course, Instagram. Hopefully I have received the notification that it is time to choose my next shipment for my Rent the Runway Unlimited subscription, at which time I'll scroll through the available styles and place my order for the week's wardrobe. Rent the Runway has truly changed my approach to fashion and allows my clothing choices to be as sustainable as the other choices I make in my life. Jack Rose is such a fun and vibrant place, so having access to so many amazing designers means I'm always dressed the part at work.

10:45 a.m. Second cup of coffee. Time to take it outside! Since I work indoors and my late schedule does not allow for a ton of exposure to sunshine, I spend 20-30 minutes a day laying out in the backyard with a second cup of coffee, a podcast, and some Vitamin D. I'm sure the neighbors think I'm nuts, but getting a nice dose of sunshine every day has made such a difference in my mood, my health, and my "tan" (ha!). Podcasts range from Fresh Air to The Joe Rogan Experience to Natural Disasters (my wine podcast of choice). Or, since it's football season and sports are on the brain, The Bill Simmons Podcast. During this time I'll force myself to get somewhat of a workout in, since I'd otherwise just be lying on a towel in my backyard and who has time to relax? A simple stretch and ab combo seems to work well. I don't have names for anything I do; I just make it up and hope that no one is watching through the fence. Your next Pilates instructor I am not.


11:15 a.m. Bring it in. After working up a little sweat (jury's still out on whether it's from the intense New Orleans sunshine or my makeshift workout), I head inside for some more podcasting and brainstorming. My passion project is my Instagram (@WineWithAlex), where I like to feature the wines I love in ways that can appeal to even non-wine drinkers. The idea started when a chef friend of mine asked, "What's the point of posting photos of bottles of wine? I don't even drink, so why would I want to look at this?" That got me thinking: Why WOULD you want to look at my page? Why would anyone choose my wine page over someone else's? There is a lot of wine content out there; what can I do to set myself apart? So I started making silly photo-shopped appearances among some of my favorite labels (label bombs I like to call them), posing with bottles in unconventional ways, and the like. While ultimately I'd love to share my passion for wine with everyone by means of pouring them a glass, reaching a broader audience has become more of my goal. For wine drinkers and non-wine drinkers alike, I hope that, even if you have no interest in what I'm pouring, you can at least respect the passion. Depending on the day and my work schedule, I might take some photos during this time or edit existing ones. The self-timer is my best friend when making my vision come to life.

Alternatively, I enjoy baking, so I might take this time to try out a new recipe or revisit an old friend in Momofuku's Milk Bar or the Bouchon Bakery book. Cookies translate the best for sharing at work, so generally that's what I'll stick to for afternoon baking.

12:15 p.m. Shower/hair/makeup. Admittedly, while I wear makeup and try to do things to my hair, I'm not very well-versed in what I'm using or why (this is on my to-do list for the fall!). I do, however, have a couple hair products that I am absolutely addicted to and cannot recommend enough: Goodbye Yellow shampoo by Schwarzkopf and Dream Coat humidity control by Color Wow. Goodbye Yellow has allowed me to dramatically cut-back on my trips to the salon for highlight touch ups, saving a ton of time and money annually. Living in New Orleans means having some sort of humidity-combating product is a must, and Color Wow's Dream Coat is just that for me. The instructions say to "spray liberally," and I could seriously swim in this stuff. My hair has never felt better or maintained shape in our sticky, wet days.

1:30 p.m. After a call to Stein's Deli (the Hirsch and Beef Tongue Special are my go-tos), I'm out the door and headed to work.

2:00 p.m. Arrive at work, ready to spread the good word of natural wine and eat a sandwich.