Summer's favorite DIY print is back, but this time in the form of a refined capsule collection. The New Orleans-designed brand Lekha, pronounced lay-ka, teamed up with artist Mallory Page to produce 7 dyed caftans featuring earthy and feminine hues.


Page and Trishala Bhansali, Lekha's founder, were mutually intrigued by tie-dye making, one of Page's favorite summer pastimes since childhood. She finds the method, which has made recent appearances in high fashion, to be soothing.

"Dying fabrics is a separate process from painting canvas, its much more organic and harder to control when you are working with fluid dye and wet fabric," Page tells Adore. "It's a tranquilizing process which ends up always feeling more experimental and scientific than painting."

As both a friend and fan of Lekha (she calls the brand her go-to), the artist felt that the collaboration was a natural fit. "I love in her clothes frequently so I was easily able to envision our work melded together."

Lekha's clothing--think soft, breezy tops and dresses made of muslin cotton--while designed in Louisiana, is handmade in India by female-owned artisan workshops and rural women’s empowerment artisan cooperatives. Bhansali produced extra dresses from her Winter 2018 collection for Page to dye and paint. (The fabric, washable cotton-satin, is Page's favorite Lekha material.) 

"[Page] is so talented with color and her style does complement Lekha well in the sense of soft movement and texture," she says. "Additionally, she embodies the feminine in such a strong way, something I strive to do with Lekha: bringing female connectivity on a global scale to focus."


The women say they are thrilled with the results and hope to collaborate again with a larger capsule, with the potential to include additional styles.

The dresses are available July 2 on or in person at Bhansali's residency at Destination Haus in Amagansett.