The CDC has officially recommended wearing a face covering in public during the coronavirus pandemic. Kathy Fielder, the owner of her eponymous boutique as well as a bedding manufacturing company, has created an easy method for creating masks that are fitted, functional, and washable. Fielder, who splits her time between Dallas and New Orleans, documented the process from her Dallas manufacturing factory in a video.

"At dinner a few weeks ago, we started talking about the kind of masks that the general public needs vs. the kind our doctors, nurses, and front line need," Fielder told Adore. "They are very different, and ones for you and me can be pretty and fun also. During a time like one such as what we are all going through now, we figured why not! and got to work on creating something usable, washable, and could brighten your day. Fabric content does matter, and is essential to making a mask that will really protect you as much as possible."

Fielder and her mother Mary Evans (the head-pattern maker of Fielder's company Isabella Collection) started working on a prototype a few weeks ago. "Quite honestly, I never thought that I would know the intricacies of making a mask a month ago, but the need is great."

The duo, along with Fielder's marketing director, are currently making the masks, with more help from her team on the way. (They were approved by the City of Dallas as an essential business.) One of Fielder's major goals of this project was to continue to employee her staff. "Our economy is so hard hit by all of this, and this gives me the ability to support them and foster economic stability."

With no concrete number in mind, Fielder hopes to create as many masks as they can and do her part to help the community. Along with creating masks, she and her team are working diligently to import masks for doctors and the general public, with the first shipment en route and several hundred thousand more to come.

Kathy Fielder Boutique is located at 3649 Magazine Street and can be shopped online here.