dirty load

Thenda Tate-Price knows that laundry is a time consuming chore. Luckily, she loves the task and has a created a solution for those who avoid dealing with their hampers. Dirty Load, LLC started in September 2019 and is a home-based business offering premium laundry and dry cleaning services to New Orleans.

"Dirty Load is for everyone, even if it is once in a while," Tate-Price told Adore. "We know what all those clothing labels mean and how to care for your garments."

Inspired by Uber's business structure, she created a functional and simple on-demand service that offers free pickup and delivery from Orleans, Jefferson, and St. Bernard Parishes. By simply scheduling your pickup online, by phone, by email, or by mobile app (coming soon on IOS and Android), New Orleans residents have one less thing to worry about. "Dirty Load is real solution for a chore that a lot of folks just ignore!"

Tate-Price is the youngest of seven children and was in charge of the laundry while growing up. "Walking over 10 blocks down Frenchmen Street to the local laundromat with a grocery cart filled with dirty laundry in 90s wasn't always fun, but my siblings made every trip an adventure for sure. It had to be done right or we were going back the next day! Now, I am an expert in laundry, after working years for different business and couple of dry cleaners."

All items, except for leather, can be cared for by the team. Laundry isn't just limited to clothes; Dirty Load accepts bedding (pillows and comforters included) and towels. 

Due to COVID-19, Dirty Load paused business during the months of March, April, and May. They officially returned to the scene on Monday, June 8 and are treating all loads with Lysol Laundry Sanitizer. Scheduled orders have a 24-hour turnaround, and pickups and delivery are daily between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m.