Cheyenne Ellis, like most Americans, is no stranger to workplace burnout. After different positions in just about every type of environment, she realized that the health of the workplace culture "wove throughout each office, each cubicle, and impacted each organization’s overall growth and success."


Photographed by Sophie Berard

Eight months ago, she founded Make Movements in an effort to provide companies with a new set of tools to enhance the modern workplace. Make Movements provides workshops, meditation sessions, and yoga (Ellis is all about movement!) to offices around New Orleans. From hospitals to the service industry, she aims to combat the stress and burnout that have become so common in workplaces. 

Besides the overall health and sanity of employing mindfulness, other benefits include a positive office culture, an increase in productivity, and enhancement in creative thinking.

Below, Ellis offers how you can stop burnout in its tracks through breath work and simple movement.