Rally up your pod for a citywide scavenger hunt hosted by Gambit. Felicity to Frenchmen will take place on Saturday, April 17, and the team (up to four participants) with the most points will win $500 and a gift pack from Dirty Coast. There will be second and third prize winners as well, and all participants will also receive a Dirty Coast Discount Card. 

F to F

The interactive hunt will begin at 8 a.m. on Saturday morning when the teams receive a clue book via email and hunt rules. Once teams solve a clue, they must take a photo with an "object" to prove they were there and all but one team member must be in the submitted photos a.k.a. teams cannot divide and conquer. "You do not need to solve every clue or visit every location. Do as much as you can, to earn the most points."

All photos must be submitted via Dropbox before midnight and winners will be announced the following week. Teams that register by Wednesday, March 31 will only pay $20. Teams that register after will pay $25. Gambit Supporting Members may receive a free team registration.

The event is sponsored by Children's Hospital New Orleans, Bryan Subaru, Poydras Corridor Sculpture Exhibition, Unframed, JR NOLA, and Dirty Coast.