The art for It's a Good Life, Babe

Podcasting has been around (and in our ears) since 2004 and shows no signs of stopping. According to reports, there are about 750,000 established podcasts and well over 30 million episodes to stream. Whether you're looking for a new show to listen to or finally ready to join the podcast world, there are plenty of New Orleans-centric options to tune in to as you drive, clean, or even workout. From shows about the city's famous food and drink scene to programs that cover everything from festival drama to the Saints, below are our favorite Nola podcasts to listen to.

Louisiana Eats! 

This WWNO podcast covers all things food with a Louisiana point of view. The episodes are just under 50 minutes and are hosted by native New Orleanian Poppy Tooker, a culinary activist. On each episode of the award-wining show, Tooker meets with people at every level in the food industry. From talking to cooks to exploring farms, the content is varied, interesting, and relevant to anyone that loves to eat in New Orleans. 

It's New Orleans: Happy Hour

Happy Hour started in late 2010 and calls itself a "cocktail-fueled 60 minutes of random conversations with folks who have nothing in common, other than being New Orleanians in a bar." Each group contains people who are completely unalike, but all have interesting careers, passions, or viewpoints. The shows are recorded at Wayfare and each episode has accompanying photo documentation on the website, which all around looks like a great time. 

It's a Good Life, Babe

This New Orleans-centric podcast is hosted by Geoffrey Douville, a Nola native, and Joel Jackson, a Nola transplant. They cover all aspects of the city's culture and offer spirited discussions on everything from Pelicans trades to local musicians. A wide array of guests have graced their microphone and bring their diverse viewpoints on all subjects. 

Drink & Learn

While this podcast isn't as regularly produced as the others, each educational and entertaining episode proves that it is well worth the wait. Drinks historian Elizabeth Pearce and "bartender extraordinaire" Abigail Gullo are engaging storytellers and know how to captivate an audience as they deep dive into cocktail history and culture. Each episode comes equipped with their expert drinking tips and cocktail instructions. To see Pearce in action, join in on her French Quarter cocktail tours hosted each Friday and Saturday.