If your mind is racing the second your head hits the pillow, consider meditating before getting into bed. The practice boasts benefits like stress and anxiety reduction, enhanced self-awareness, and improves sleep. Meditation may help control the constant thoughts at night, as well as promoting a more restful sleep.

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Not sure where to begin? Carolyn Burke of Sleep Advisor, a one-stop mattress shop, offers her tips on the relaxing habit.

How to Start

"It's often recommended that beginners start out with 5-10 minutes at a time," Burke says. She recommends sitting in a quiet, comfortable spot and begin to listen to your body. Breath slowly and deeply. "Contrary to popular belief, meditation is not really meant to have you thinking about nothing. It's about tuning into your own breath and being aware of yourself and your state of being."

When to Meditate

"Meditation aims to provide a sense of calm and awareness." Some may benefit from meditating at the start of the day, while others may prefer to relax the body and calm the mind before bedtime. "If thinking of a calming place or event helps you to wake up or sleep better, that's great. If going over your to-do list in your mind calms you down, that's great, too."

Assisted Meditation

Looking for guidance? Meditations can be found on YouTube and on several apps including Calm, Insight Timer, and Headspace.