It's hard to believe that it has been over 20 years since Candace Bushnell's Sex and the City was published. The book launched the iconic HBO series (six seasons and two movies) that is still just as beloved today as it was in the early oughts. In Bushnell's most recent release, the author gets straight to the point in the title: Is There Still Sex in the City?


The book, while not a sequel to Sex and the City, takes place in New York and follows a group of Upper East Side women as they navigate dating again. Is There Still Sex in the City? is based on some of the author's experiences following her divorce in 2012. Bushnell told Adore that she knew she wanted to write this book after realizing that many of her friends were divorced and dating again. "I really feel like it is a new time with all these women who are single again," she said. "It feels like the old Sex and the City days!"

Is There Still Sex in the City?, which was bought by Paramount, is targeted towards women in their 50s and beyond, a group often overlooked. "I think what is great about [the book] is there is so little that is written about being in your 50s, 60s, and even 70s," she explained. "It's just not an age group that we pay attention to. And traditionally that's when you're really supposed to disappear. Times have changed."

Another thing that has changed is dating itself. Bushnell said that people regard dating like a job, that technology has changed everything (don't even get her started on Tinder!), and men themselves are different. "One of the biggest changes is how many young men are interested in older women. That was a surprise!"

Bushnell will be in New Orleans to promote the release, with an event Tuesday, September 17. The author, who has visited New Orleans before, said she is excited to be back in New Orleans and ready for a fun event at The Avenue Gallery.

Tickets to "An Evening with Candace Bushnell" are available for purchase here.