Whether your summer has been filled to the brim with activity or you've been taking it easy (lucky you!), there's always a reason to give your calendar a break and spend a night in with a new novel. August happens to be chock full of juicy releases in all genres. From the scary and suspenseful stories to captivating historical fiction, here's 5 picks we'll be reading this month.


The Wolf Wants In: A Novel by Laura McHugh (August 6)

If you enjoyed Sharp Objects and Gone Girl, you'll appreciate this recent release. The book follows Sadie and Henley, two women dealing with the effects of the opioid crisis and constant crime in their small Kansas town. Filled with plenty of chilling twists and turns, this page turner will be hard to set aside.

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Devotion: A Novel by Madeline Stevens (August 13)

New York City nannies are said to make exorbitant amounts. This new novel tells the story of Ella, a broke 26-year-old who finds herself employed as a nanny by an Upper East Side couple. Just as her bank account begins to fill, she becomes obsessed with the baby's mother who lives an effortless and enviable lifestyle, and things...take a turn. 


Inland: A Novel by Téa Obreht (August 13)

If historical fiction is your jam, you'll want to turn back time with this dazzling and magnificent story. Set in Arizona Territory in 1893, Inland follows Nora, an unflinching frontierswoman who is awaiting the return of her husband and sons, and Lurie, a former outlaw who can see lost souls. Take our word: It will be hard to leave the Wild West after this addictive read.


The Whisper Man: A Novel by Alex North (August 20)

Scary movie lovers will adore this suspenseful multi-generational tale. When Tom Kennedy's wife suddenly dies, he thinks a change in scenery may be best for him and his young son Jake. They move to a town with a dark past--a string of abductions and murders 20 years ago shook the residents. When similar events start happening again, everyone is rightfully spooked, especially Tom and Jake. 

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The Other's Gold: A Novel by Elizabeth Ames (August 27)

The Other's Gold offers a new take on the female friendship story. Ji Sun, Alice, Margaret, and Lainey are all assigned to the same suite during their freshman year of college and quickly become entangled. The seemingly predictable campus story takes a turn as each makes a terrible mistake during the transition to independent adulthood. It's hard to deny that Elizabeth Ames's debut novel is truly unforgettable.