The New Orleans Museum of Art's upcoming exhibition, Inventing Acadia: Painting and Place in Louisiana, is the first major exhibition on Louisiana landscape painting in over 40 years. According to Susan Taylor, the exhibition showcases how 19th century landscape painters from across the globe came together to the state to form a new school of landscape painting. 

"Offering a newly expansive view of the American landscape and its people, Inventing Acadia is the first exhibition to place Louisiana landscape painting in a wider national and international context."

In their press release, NOMA explains that from the early 19th century onward, "Louisiana’s dense forests and tangled, impenetrable swamplands—branded as Acadie, or Acadia—represented the apotheosis of the American fascination with the untamed wilderness, resulting in landscape paintings that brought American art into conversation with a new type of landscape as well as Louisiana’s complicated political terrain." The art was also vastly different than other landscape art at the time.

The show is on view at NOMA from November 16, 2019 through January 26, 2020 and features works by Theodore Rousseau and Alfred W. Boisseau, among others. It will follow the museum's annual Odyssey Ball, themed "Mystère Louisiane."