Looking for the perfect gift or new wall art for your home? Mignon is hosting the event for you! On Wednesday, February 5, a third generation silhouette artist is setting up for a day of portraits at the shop. From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Erik Johnson will hand cut silhouettes by just looking at the subject's profile. Within minute, participants will walk away with a new treasure.

Before photography was a common practice, silhouettes were a popular way to capture the memory of a person. "I think they have remained popular because they are timeless," Stephanie Harkness, the owner of Mignon, says. "It’s the same classic silhouette that our parents and grandparents grew up with. It’s authentic, simple and unedited. It’s amazing how accurate the silhouettes are too!"

The artist has come to the children's boutique for a number of years (Harkness took over as owner in 2019) and can even do silhouettes from a side profile photograph for those that are out of town. Harkness recommends that subjects are at least one year old, but Johnson is able to work with infants.

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The silhouettes cost $30 and a duplicate of the same person is $15. Sign ups and more information can be found here.