Starting an art collection doesn't have to be intimidating. In fact, it can be an enjoyable experience and a way to dive deeper into your love of art. Regardless of age or familiarity with the world of galleries and fairs, starting out requires patience, research, and a budget. Martine Chais… Read more

When we graduated from Tulane University in 1985, we beelined for Manhattan – Bryan to become an actor and Katy to live the life of a creative. Having grown up in a place so steeped in tradition and history, New Orleans was going to be hard to top. New York City seemed like the logical next … Read more

On a beautiful tree lined corner on Magazine Street in the Garden District, Studio Amanda Talley looks at first glance like one of those super chic art galleries often found on Newbury Street in Boston or Sloane Street in London. But mixed in with all the posh signage on the front door, is a… Read more

Ashley Longshore, like her bold and often rebellious pop art, is daring, over the top and in your face. She is. And like her luscious paintings of Audrey Hepburn surrounded by hummingbirds and butterflies, she's also beautiful, immensely kind and keenly aware of the message she is sending to… Read more