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Presentation matters and beautifully wrapped gifts, complete with whimsical and elegant touches, play a starring role during the holiday season. This year, I turned to Josh Gurvitz, a local stylist and visual merchandiser, for professional tips and inspiration. In a year where I may not have the typical party-packed schedule, I have time to up my gift wrap game — no excuses. This stunning array of holiday packages along with Josh's simple pointers are sure to get the creative juices flowing.

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He suggests buying paper and ribbon all year long as you see it, so that you are well stocked with a variety of looks when you need it. "I shop for fine handmade papers at Scriptura as well as affordable and fun wrap from Target; I even use sturdy kraft paper from art supply shops. Now ribbon... that's something I do spend a little more on. Double-faced satin or organza just make a gift all the more luxe. And people keep ribbon to use again, so it's not wasteful."

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He loves to use paper that reflects either his personality or the recipient's and embellishments that become part of the gift. "I bought two beautiful Caspari gold foils at Hazelnut. On one, I added porcupine quills that I got on my trip to South Africa and on another, I attached a pomegranate ornament for a friend celebrating Hanukkah." At Hilltop Shoppe, he found a Rifle Paper Co. option in a colorful string-of-lights pattern and he made a simple gift tag to match. And for kids, nothing beats the stack of presents or gift tower idea for creating additional excitement.”

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Additional tips include using double stick tape for polished seams, wrapping the lid and box separately so the box can be enjoyed long after, and layering different colored ribbons in the bow for a custom designed look. I love all of these ideas and can't wait to get to work.

I have a feeling that I may need Josh's master class in bow tying, but it's a start!

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Get The Look:


Holiday Gift Tags, $8.50 Each/ Set of 10, SCRIPTURA


Holiday Gift Tags, $8.50 Each/ Set of 10, SCRIPTURA

Walking Man Studios $12.jpg

Hanukkah Wrapping Paper, $12/ Set of 3 sheets, WALKINGMAN STUDIOS

Scriptura Streetcar, Cocktail, and House Paper  $6 per sheet.jpg

Streetcar, Cocktail, and House Paper, $6 per sheet, SCRIPTURA

Rifle Paper Co Peaceful Dove Paper Hilltop.jpg

Rifle Paper Co. Peaceful Dove, $5 per sheet, HILLTOP SHOPPE

Champagne Dog Wrapping Paper $11 Perinos.jpg

Champagne Dog Wrapping Paper, $11, PERINO'S GARDEN CENTER


Caspari Wrapping Paper, $12 a roll, HAZELNUT


Caspari Wrapping Paper, $12 a roll, HAZELNUT

This article appeared in the Holiday 2020 Issue of Adore Magazine.