July is here and brought along the dreaded heat. With all of this extra time indoors (who would even want to be outside right now?!), we're spending our time in the air conditioning wisely: next to a stack of juicy books. From thrillers to chick lit that can be devoured in one sitting, here … Read more

Planning a bachelorette party can be difficult. Balancing everybody’s expectations is a tricky task and finding unique spots that aren’t already packed with other bachelorette parties only adds to that stress. Whether you’re from New Orleans and want to get away from the tourists or you’re f… Read more

New Orleanians have a lot of pride in their city. Like a lot. And why shouldn’t we? Mardi Gras, the Saints, incredible food and music… nowhere else compares to New Orleans. Pass that Nola pride on to the babies in your life with these 7 gifts. Read more

Stationery shows more of your personality than you might think. When selecting your next set of monogrammed cards, it is important to consider factors like font, color, and weight of paper as well as the nature of the letter writing. Scriptura's Sallie Jones says men usually stick to plain w… Read more

June 21 marks many milestones: the official start of summer, National Seashell day, and our favorite, National Stripes Day. As one of our most worn patterns, we're celebrating the big day with a proper round up of striped clothes, home items, and more! From lined dog beds and frames to decor… Read more

While opening Ace Hotel New Orleans in 2016, the Ace Atelier team was curious about the space directly across the street. They learned from The Domain Companies--their partner in all things New Orleans--that the historic site, which used to house City Hall Annex, happened to be available.  Read more

Beignet sneakers may sound like something out of a cartoon, but they’re coming to life thanks to a local sneaker shop. In honor of Café du Monde’s  157th birthday this year, Sneaker Politics is releasing a limited version of the Saucony Shadow 5000 based off of the Café’s iconic beignets. On… Read more

If you live in New Orleans, you've probably seen Axil Rose driving around. (No, that is not a misspelling of Slash's counterpart). Axil Rose is an old laundry truck turned mobile greenhouse that sells and educates New Orleanians on exotic plants a.k.a. the kind you can’t find at Home Depot. Read more

Wine can be intimidating and Couvant, the Makeready French brasserie inside the Eliza Jane Hotel, wants to change that. Bisous Wine Garden is a new destination for wine lovers--no matter how knowledgeable--to relax while exploring a rotating selection of unique wines at accessible price points. Read more

As much as technology has changed the way people correspond, the handwritten thank you note has managed to stick around. Sallie Jones, co-owner of Scriptura, says that the purpose of the note is to express gratitude for some act of thoughtfulness. "Take the time to share with someone by writ… Read more

Starting an art collection doesn't have to be intimidating. In fact, it can be an enjoyable experience and a way to dive deeper into your love of art. Regardless of age or familiarity with the world of galleries and fairs, starting out requires patience, research, and a budget. Martine Chais… Read more

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Margot Shaw, the founder and editor of Flower magazine, the nation's only floral lifestyle publication, knows a thing or two about blossoms and botanicals. Since 2007, she has cultivated a loyal following of readers who share her passion for all things floral. Margot's steadfast belief that … Read more

Memorial Day weekend means two things: major sales and summer has kicked off. Most commemorate the holiday and long weekend with a party, where the grill is dusted off and white clothing is formally accepted again. Behind every picture-perfect Memorial Day gathering, is a knowing hostess. Th… Read more

The Scriptura experience is everything a bride dreams it will be. Steeped in old-world elegance and versed in modern etiquette, the designers at this award-winning studio create distinctive invitations that truly reflect each couple's love story. Your wedding stationary- save the dates, repl… Read more

When Ellie Romair walked down the aisle of Holy Name of Jesus Church last May, she was the fourth generation in her family to do so. For her marriage to Alexander Alford, there was never any doubt about where the ceremony would take place. "My great grandparents, grandparents, and parents we… Read more

When shopping for a wedding dress, a bride is looking for something that gives her the "this is it" feeling. She wants to feel comfortable, confident, beautiful, and sexy on her big day. The key is finding a dress for your body type, one that fits like a glove, and then letting the trends of… Read more

When selecting items for your wedding registry, you'll be advised to be practical. Dishware, cutlery, and pots and pans are all traditional choices that will serve your home and family well over the years. But classic doesn't need to be boring! Skip the boring glasses for goblets in every sh… Read more

Outdoor entertaining lends itself naturally to a relaxed aesthetic that conjures up memories of unhurried summer evenings with family and friends. In a lush, private Uptown garden, Jeanette and Doug Slakey entertain in just that way. Cocktails while kids swim, laid back family gatherings and… Read more

When we graduated from Tulane University in 1985, we beelined for Manhattan – Bryan to become an actor and Katy to live the life of a creative. Having grown up in a place so steeped in tradition and history, New Orleans was going to be hard to top. New York City seemed like the logical next … Read more

Drake On Cake, a wildly popular Instagram account, is Joy Wilson’s brainchild. Plucking some of the rapper’s most poetic lyrics from his songbook, she writes the words in icing on simply frosted layer cakes that she then gets camera-ready for their moment in the spotlight. “My fastest growin… Read more

For flower lovers, foodies, and off-the-beaten-path travelers, Florists To The Field, written by Christian Owens, is the book of the season. Preeminent floral designers Greg Campbell and Erick New, known for their nature-chic boutique, Garden District, in Memphis, visited their favorite spec… Read more

Beatriz Ball, New Orleans designer and owner of the award-winning pewterware tabletop and home accessories company that bears her name, started her business in 1991 in the outskirts of Mexico City. Her innovative designs, handmade by skilled artisans in an especially lustrous alloy of mixed … Read more

New Orleans is one of the most desirable places to tie the knot. Stunning ballrooms, romantic courtyards, and historic venues mixed with Southern charm and a lively culture consistently place America's favorite city at the top of the list. Whether you desire an intimate space or something cl… Read more

Wedding cake is the centerpiece of any reception and as such plays a starring role. With a desire to make the day more personal and interactive, brides are gravitating towards stunning cake tables with multiple layers of scrumptious goodness, or to one masterpiece that fully realizes the new… Read more

Most brides know the importance of hiring seasoned professionals when it comes to avoiding wedding day snafus. But the best photographers, caterers, and event planners don't just ensure that everything runs smoothly—their work elevates the event, making it a work of art that truly reflects y… Read more

From bouquets and boutonnieres to arches and arbors, wedding flowers have a presence powerful enough to rival that of the most distinguished guests. And just like any strong personality, flowers can set a mood. Here are three unique styles to consider for your big day. Read more

New Orleans consistently ranks among the top U.S. locations for destination weddings—and that's not just because it has the patina of a romantic European city. "Being from the South, we like our traditions, and people from out of town love to see them because they are so uniquely New Orleans… Read more

Carol McDonald and Ryan O'Connor met at Tulane Law School. Carol has an enduring reverence for history and bygone eras, so there was never any doubt about where they would get married. New Orleans, steeped in centuries of tradition, was the perfect choice for the couple who now make this uni… Read more

Gone are the days of loading up on a single, pricey china, silver and crystal pattern all at once and sticking with tabletop settings that are set in stone. Imagine doing that with your wardrobe: No change of accessories, no mixing and matching, and no jumping on board with a frivolous trend… Read more

On a beautiful tree lined corner on Magazine Street in the Garden District, Studio Amanda Talley looks at first glance like one of those super chic art galleries often found on Newbury Street in Boston or Sloane Street in London. But mixed in with all the posh signage on the front door, is a… Read more

When Meredith and Michael Pinkerton bought their hundred-year-old Uptown home in 2004, they were both working attorneys with a toddler daughter, Hadley. Fast forward a little more than a decade and Meredith is a stay-at-home mother with a teenager and 9-year-old triplets — Will, Mary Avery a… Read more

Ashley Longshore, like her bold and often rebellious pop art, is daring, over the top and in your face. She is. And like her luscious paintings of Audrey Hepburn surrounded by hummingbirds and butterflies, she's also beautiful, immensely kind and keenly aware of the message she is sending to… Read more

You've said yes to the dress, but what about the shoes, earrings, and purse? Wedding day accessories are often an afterthought, but these 14 items make the case to plan ahead. From classic belts and jewels to sparkly "something blue" shoes, your bridal look can't help but be elevated.  Read more